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Case Reports
John Jackson, M.D., FACP

Christine, a 68-year-old female, went through menopause at age 49 and suspiciously fractured a foot two years later.  Her height was 5’6” and weight just 110 pounds.  The bone scan showed osteoporosis.  She took calcium, vitamin D and estrogen for 8 years.  A DEXA in 2003 still demonstrated osteoporosis.  Actonel was started and continued for 3 years.  Unfortunately, the bone scan in 2006 showed worsening osteoporosis of the hip.  She stopped Actonel and the following year substituted OsteoDenx at 1 capsule daily.  After 1 year on OsteoDenx the next study showed density of the hip had improved more than 10%.

Ron, a 70-year-old male, accidentally amputated his left thumb in 2001.  In the wake of surgical reattachment finger tip sensation was absent.  The thumb joint could not be bent and was seemingly fused.  The damaged nail didn’t return, except for a narrow sliver that would snag on his clothes.  Nothing improved for more than 6 years.  In 2007, OsteoDenx was started.  Two to three months later the nail plate started growing and is now essentially normal in size.  Within 5 months, distal sensation began to return and has continued to improve.  By 8 months the thumb could bend, now as much as 40 degrees.  The patient is pleased, to say the least, with significantly improved function of his left hand from restored feeling and grasp.

Chris, a 16 year-old male high school student, is active in baseball, football, running, soccer and tennis.  By age 14, he had sustained multiple sports injuries and a total of 8 fractures, the last requiring surgery and a leg cast for many weeks. Both physician parents were concerned.  After consultation with Dr. Naidu, OsteoDenx was started at 1 capsule twice daily.  Healing was faster than predicted.  On removal of the cast the leg regained full movement in just 1 day. The same level of participation in sports was resumed and during the last 2 years, there have been no further fractures.  At 6 feet tall, weighing 200 pounds, the young man’s bones seem normal now. 

Lucille, an 83-year-old female, had a long history of osteopenia and osteoporosis.  She tried many of the usual therapies (eg., calcium, vitamin D supplementation, estrogen replacement therapy, Fosamax, Actonel and Forteo), but these did not work out as hoped.  OsteoDenx was started at 1 capsule daily and just 5 months later bone density in her lumbar spine had increased an amazing 23%!

John slipped on a tennis court two years ago at age 56.  The left ankle turned under and a “pop” was heard during the fall.  Tenderness was immediate and swelling soon followed. Even partial weight bearing was quite uncomfortable.  Besides ice application initially, rest, elevation and a stretch brace, OsteoDenx was started at 2 capsules daily.  Discomfort resolved significantly faster than anticipated.  Quite amazingly, less than one week later it was possible to walk a mile in supportive footwear without difficulty.  Rather quickly slow jogging was started and preparations resumed for the San Jose half marathon.  The race was completed, just 37 days after the initial ankle injury.  OsteoDenx received credit for accelerating recovery from a bad sprain.

A.J., a 76-year-old female, took calcium, vitamin D and topical estrogen.  Still, her DEXA in 2002 showed osteopenia and osteoporosis of spine, hip and wrist.  She tried Evista and later an oral bisphosphanate, but had to stop after 2 weeks.  On a follow-up study progression of her osteopenia and osteoporosis was seen.  Due to negative experiences with other drugs, intravenous Boniva was declined.  In 2008 she started one OsteoDenx capsule a day and tolerated it well.  Thirteen months later a repeat DEXA scan showed one T-score on the rise for the first time and slower declines in all other areas examined.  Learning a better dose of OsteoDenx for established osteoporosis was one capsule twice daily, she made the appropriate increase with an expectation of further improvement in the future.


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