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I am 86 and particular about my diet and exercise.  I read everything I can on health.  When I was 80, I was very, very surprised to discover that I had lost 1 ¼ inches in height!  I had had no symptoms and didn’t even know I had Osteoporosis.  Things began to change gradually until my back hurt so badly that I would call my brother and sister-in-law in tears.  I got up in the morning in pain and went to bed in pain.  I was miserable sitting and standing and couldn’t stop hunching over, even though I tried not to.


I had been on Fosamax a number of years, but still had Osteoporosis and now this horrible pain.  My daughter-in-law, Marianne, gave me a wonderful gift of the Nikken Bone Health Pack.  After taking them for a week, my back significantly improved.  I am back at my YMCA, doing Tai Chi, lifting weights and aerobics. I’ve had no side effects from these supplements and am just so happy to be feeling better.


- Gertrude



I have been taking "OSTEODENX" since Nov. 2007 and have found wonderful results.  My knees were very painful from arthritis, so I was unable to take long walks I enjoyed. My knees ached even when I was in bed.  After only one week I saw great difference in my knees.  I was able to start taking my walks and I now walk three kilometers almost every day.  I also had trouble with the game of curling but can now play to my heart’s desire!  This has made a huge difference in my life!! 

My husband had an old hand injury.  He was unable to close the fingers far enough to form a fist, but he has no trouble doing so now. 

One of my friends started taking this product about one month ago and is thrilled with the results as her finger joints are moving freely now and she is able to do things she couldn't for years. 

I would most certainly recommend "OSTEODENX" to anyone with joint problems!  I am very happy to share my story! 


- Sincerely, Donna Caldwell


I am a mother of 8 and was diagnosed with osteoporosis.  My mother died of liver and kidney disease.  I had dexascan every year and nothing got better, but I didn’t want drugs.  My liver was so bad my eyes were yellow and my kidneys ached every night.  Seven months after being on the Bone Health Pack, my health improved dramatically.  Friends now on the Bone Health Pack tell me they are aware of differences in two weeks.  Some in their sixties have seen great improvements with their bone scan.  My bone scan also showed improvements as a result of the Bone Health Pack.  I knew after attending a Bone/Joint Health Seminar that I needed these products and am so grateful. 


- Tamara Kendrick


Within 5 days of being on bone health pack, I noticed dramatic results.  I had knee surgery 20 years ago from a ski wreck.  Doing long or even short hikes, my knees were in a lot of pain.  In just a few days on the bone pack, discomfort disappeared.  I play a lot of piano and was having a number of problems in my hands, but on the bone program I feel a major difference. 


- Jennifer


My metabolism has not been absorbing calcium well for many years — a major concern as I had suffered many serious fractures and broken bones in my lifetime.  Large amounts of calcium supplements taken daily seemed to have no effect.

In 2010 I was introduced to the Bio-Replenishment™ principle developed by Dr. Naidu, with Nikken OsteoDenx®, Lactoferrin Gold 1.8® and CalDenx®.  This all-natural approach was exactly what I wanted and I added the program to my daily regimen.  After a few months, testing showed that my system is now maintaining a level of calcium within the normal range!  I will continue using these products for my lifetime, and I am extremely thankful and grateful to Nikken. 


- Diane Chanco


Everyone in my family is taking OsteoDenx.  Because my 18-year old son, Chris, had had 8 fractures by the age of 14, he had to have surgery.  When OsteoDenx came out, Chris took 2 OsteoDenx a day.  The cast came off and he was waiting for 2 weeks for physical Therapy.  PT is delayed, because people usually cannot bend their knees, but Chris could bend his knee 90 degrees.  He is now playing varsity football, is on the Bone Health Pack, and has had no more fractures. 


- Dr. Maureen Hayes



2 years ago, I had trouble with both feet, one in particular.  I thought I had broken some bones in my toes.  They hurt so much; I could barely put my shoes on.  I went to two foot-specialists, but they had no recommendations.  I was afraid of losing my toes.


Three weeks ago, I got on the whole bone health pack.    I’ve noticed an improvement with my feet and I can now move and bend my toes and walk.  I am absolutely convinced it is the combination of the whole bone program that helped.  


- Phillis



So many Nikken products have made it possible for me to manage my Fibromyalgia symptoms and Restless Leg Syndrome.  I've taken OsteoDenx now for one month.  One evening last week, I became aware that, in less than one month, my health has significantly improved!  Thank God for Nikken and for our fabulous products!

- Diane Achatz



I started the Bone Health Pack to help improve my bone density issues and was simply amazed when so many other things were helped.  It has not only helped improve my bone density, but has also helped improve my overall health.  We are dancing again!!!  


- Barbara Nils



In October of 2009, Sister Nula retired at age 65 and went from the U.S.A. to Sudan to become a missionary, as a second career.  She had been on Fosamax for five years.  Her ankle shattered and she was airlifted to Rome for surgery.  Her brittle and porous bones made recovery impossible.  She was sent to London to a rehab facility and told she would never return to Africa, due to the inability of her bones to heal; they were deemed to be too far gone for complete recovery.   After taking the bone health pack for two months, she noticed great improvement with her ankle and bone health. Thanks to Dr. Naidu's Bone Health Pack, she is able to walk again.



In 2001 working on a belt sander, my left thumb was amputated.  It was reattached surgically, but had no feeling and the thumb joint could not be bent.  After taking OsteoDenx for 8 months, my left thumb is no longer useless like before.  


- Ron D’Amico



Several years ago I was diagnosed with Osteopenia.  I knew, though, that I would NEVER take the “Fosamax” alternatives.  When OsteoDenx came out, I went on the bone health pack immediately.  My recent bone scan about 3 months ago showed improvement in my bone density.


- Humbled and grateful, Lynette Richardson



I had difficulty walking up stairs or running.  I had not been able to run or do triathlons for 8 months before starting on the Bone Health Pack in October of 2009.  After taking OsteoDenx, I noticed an improvement in my bone health, enabling me walk upstairs and run again.  


– Jen Dixon



For 12 years I had terrible knee discomfort.  I could not kneel or walk well.  After taking the Bone Health Pack I noticed an improvement in my bone health, and am now able to go upstairs, climb ladders, and kneel in church. 


- Janice Culpepper



After 9 months on the Bone Health Pack, my bone density improved significantly.  My husband had knee replacement 1.5 years ago and he noticed that his knee is stronger after taking the Bone Health Pack. He can climb and keep up with our dogs much better than before. 


- Linda Nerstad



I started on the Bone Health Pack in November of 2009 and have noticed an overall improvement in my health. 


- Sherry Herman



A friend of mine, Liz, started the Bone Health Pack in August.  After 8 months of taking it, she noticed great improvement in her bone health.  I got my mom on the Bone Health Pack and she started noticing improvement with her bone health after 2 days of taking it.  She is 88.  Now she shares her story with others. 


- Rachel Simon



I am a nurse. I had discomfort in my back and knees. I started on OsteoDenx 1.5 years ago and have noticed a great improvement in my bone health.  I can go up and down stairs and kneel in church. 


- Marsha Baird


At age 35 I had low bone mass, despite good healthy lifestyle and nutritional supplements and regular exercise. At age 44 I was told I had bones of 80-year old woman. I went on Fosamax but because of side effects had to switch to Actonel and took it daily which was considered a high dose. In August 2007, I was introduced to Osteodenx and went off of Actonel in November 2007. One year later, in Sept 2008, at age 48, my bone mass improved significantly as a result of taking OsteoDenx, which helps support my body in building new bones. I am very happy with the great results without side effects.

- Elaine

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