Advances in Bone & Joint Health

Bio-Replenishment:  A new approach to supplementation
Leave the planning to us!
The Bio-Replenishment Option

A Technological Advance:  OsteoDenx + CalDenx + Lactoferrin Gold 1.8



ü  Supports natural function
ü  Unique, pure, premium quality
ü  Extensive purification process,
   isolated from contamination
ü  Not genetically modified

ü  Discovered & formulated by
Dr. Naidu, world-renowned scientist
ü  25+ years of research





For healthy bones that release calcium to the heart, muscles, and nerves. 


ü  Supports the absorption of vital mineral compounds

ü  For maintenance of healthy bone tissues throughout life

ü  The only targeted transport system to convey vital minerals to the synovium or joint area

ü  Protected by 3 patents, 2 patents pending











A balanced mineral formulation.



ü  Formulated for easy digestion

ü  Calcium carbonate and calcium citrate

ü  Supports an increase in bone density

ü  Co-factors including vitamin D, vitamin K, folate, magnesium, and boron

ü  Nutrients for muscle and nerve tissue





Lactoferrin Gold 1.8®


Promotes nutrient absorption and revitalizes intestinal immunity.



ü  Assists in preserving a healthy intestinal tract

ü  Supports immune system activity

ü  No lactose

ü  Encourages production of the body's natural defenses

ü  Pre-biotic that stimulates production of probiotic compounds and maintains beneficial bacteria

ü  Enhances the body's natural antioxident response

ü  A basic building block of life, found in all body fluids, including tears, blood, and saliva


Lactoferrin Gold is key to the absorption and function of OsteoDenx and CalDenx.


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